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Brooklin Apartment in Brazil – Small space, big solution


São Paulo-based architectural practice Kwartet Arquitetura, have designed the Brooklin Apartment project. Completed in 2012, the contemporary apartment can be found in São Paulo, Brazil.

What was the most challenging part of the project?

It was a small apartment and the family wanted to keep the three bedrooms. The living room is really tight and had to be comfortable and practical for all. These were the main challenges for us.


What feature stands out for you in the interior design?

The living room is very narrow, the furniture layout proposed, with a two sided couch, manages to create two different spaces, to comfortably accommodate all.


According to the designer: “A young couple, planning on having children, needed to remodel their 95m² apartment in São Paulo.  The couple had a tight budget and expected better use of the available area to accommodate the increase in family. They wanted an environment that was flexible and clean.

“Since both living and kitchen were really small, the rooms were integrated, creating a bigger environment. The terrace’s doors were removed and new glass windows were installed on the building’s façade, adding extra area to the living room.

“A light grey porcelain tile was chosen for the whole area except the former terrace, where freijó wood flooring warm up the room. A neutral shade of gray was applied to the walls to visually unify all rooms in one.

“With limited space, the carpentry was designed to make the best of it. An oak bookcase and a bar fill the space where a barbecue used to be kept in the terrace. The dining black laquer table and with TV rack were designed as one piece, so the area wouldn’t be too busy. Also white, kitchen cabinets counterpoints the polished black granite. A contemporary granite sink was designed in satin finish and mirrors make the lavatory a lot larger than it actually is.

“A modular couch in light beige linen is the central furniture piece, very flexible in its use. The layout is casual, a small wood bench and side table can be positioned wherever is suitable. The wood is also at the coffee table and dining chairs and turquoise chairs adds a colour touch. Off-white curtains provide privacy and solar protection. Art pieces on the walls add personality to the interior design.”


Images courtesy of Lilian Knobel

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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