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Beautiful Stone Country House by DVA Arhitekta

This stunning, high-end contemporary stone house has been completed within the beautiful surroundings of the Bosnian city of Bihać. This piece, designed by DVA Arhitekta, really encapsulates the divide between contemporary and traditional modes in housing, and to a strikingly attractive effect.

With a site stretching over 35,000 square meters of land and wild landscape, this house provides numerous possibilities in the fields of leisure and comfort. The beautiful, natural green landscape amalgamates gloriously with the effective traditional exposed stone walls, which are splashed with a beautiful combination of tan, white and brown colours to exemplify a traditional, refined architectural edge. The stone path shadows the houses exterior in terms of colour, tradition and beauty, and the gorgeous open garden really is a sight for sore eyes. A saturation of stonework stretches back many years over the Balkan region, and so the architects have really attempted to capture this in this piece and to a stunning effect, no less.

The refreshingly brave and original exterior is testament to the amount of time offered to this home by the architects. With a separate home for the owner, a guest house, a summer house and a beautiful vineyard, the Country House is certainly placed amongst the highest echelon of modern architecture with its beautiful traditional touch.

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January 5, 2012 | Property | View comments

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