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Beautiful Jelenovac Residence in Zagreb by DVA Arhitekta

DVA Arhitekta have produced Computer Generated Images of yet another beautiful and striking modern piece in the suburbs of the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The Jelenovac Residence provides stunning views of the beautiful natural Balkan scenery, combining this with simplistic and luxurious living with a touch of traditional mode; a striking home.

Situated on the junction of two streets, and placed within the confines of various other traditional family homes with the city park nearby, the site for this home was meticulously chosen. By neighbouring the residence with other traditional family houses, this enhances a homely, quaint and family feel throughout; a touching aspect. The exterior of the house uses both contemporary and traditional mode, in that it simplifies the casing of the house into basic shapes – cubes and squares – but at the same time uses various sizes of this shape, creating an effective and attractive design. Using a bright white colour really exemplifies the beauty of the home, ensuring it stands out, while the stone walls surrounding it enhance the traditional feeling even more. The aforementioned stunning views add the perfect picturesque aspect; almost like the cherry on top!

Inside, the architects have heavily saturated the interior with a beautiful, sleek finish on the exposed wood. This smooth and refined aspect enhances the luxurious feeling of living tenfold, and the spaciousness provided matches that of the exterior, ensuring that leisure activities can be accommodated, just as relaxation, calm and family time can be as well.

The beautiful, winding staircase is the last of the beautiful contemporary additions, with the aforementioned striking sleek wooden colour playing a key role in this stunning façade.

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January 6, 2012 | Property | View comments

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