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Beautiful Island Home by Silberstein Architecture

Silberstein Architecture have sent us images of a house they’ve designed on the island of Bonaire. The house is a picture of serene beauty and luxury, and is amongst the highest echelon of architecture possible.

Surrounded by a large body of water and vast amounts of beautiful wildlife, the house automatically stands out on its own little island, offering privacy as well as a picture perfect masterpiece of architecture. The saturation of bright white colours juxtaposed with the deep brown wood encasing the exterior is a delightful addition to this home.

The interior of this home is full of beautiful delights. An infinity pool on a glorious, attractive patio-like area is a beautiful piece of modern, serene and luxurious architecture, fit for any client. The furnishings of this patio-area also fit in perfectly with its surroundings, especially in terms of the pristine white colours. Inside, the house is a spacious, beautiful, contemporary and lavish home. White and black are used mainly in terms of the materials, but this is juxtaposed with the bright colours such as green and orange used for the furnishings, which are as comfortable as they are strikingly attractive.

Even the staircase area is a beautiful piece of thoughtful, well-executed architecture. Surrounded in a blue tint, the sleek wooden material used throughout the house is also used for the brilliant staircase.

Clearly, this piece by Silberstein Architecture is a beautiful, striking, comfortable and contemporary home, thoughtful, personable and unique in every stretch of its execution.

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November 17, 2011 | Property | View comments

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