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Beautiful Baluster Lattice House, Spain

Girona-based design studio 05 AM arquitectura has recently completed the Baluster Lattice House, once a rundown property in the affluent neighbourhood  of Vallvidrera, close to Barcelona, Spain.

According to the architects: “In this contemporary Spanish home the first decision was to change the position of the entrance to the west side thus the main entrance is now on the main floor, this liberated the terraces to the south and east for private use.

“The main floor is open plan and enjoys long unbroken views of the interior.

“The open plan design is defined by three cube designs which differ from every angle and the space is everything you could want for everyday living.

“The central cube incorporates the main elements of the kitchen, the cubed staircase has a built in bookcase and in the main living room has a built-in fireplace.

“On the upper floor you can find the bedrooms, the service and storage areas define the living areas, all built around a hall which can also function as a bathroom with a built-in basin unit which is hidden when not in use.

“The layout of this contemporary Spanish house is centered around the tree cubes, providing functional answers to the users needs, optimising all the available space and improving the spatial perception of the floor plan.

The facades have been rebuilt using new windows; protection from the sun is offered by a white cane sunshade and also the use of reclaimed balusters from the original house forming a lattice which offers both light and shade depending on how the light falls on the balustrades curves. As a ‘ready-made’, this baluster lattice gives a new value or meaning to this architectural element which existed in the house.”

Images courtesy of Mauricio Fuertes.

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June 23, 2012 | Property | View comments

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