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Bavarian chic at Munich Airports new VIP Lounge, Germany


German architectural practice Erich Gassmann and Tina Aßmann have joined forces to design the VIP Lounge at Munuch Airport. Completed in 2012, the luxurious lounge oozes style and sophistication or as we call it ‘Bavarian Chic’.

Munich, at the heart of Europe, combines the multifaceted state of Bavaria with unspoiled countryside and the pulsing life of a modern city. Between future and tradition – not a contradiction in terms but an expression of a special lifestyle, the unmistakable, unique identity of land and people whose landscapes are characterised by the impressive alpine panorama, mountains and plains, narrow valleys and natural riverscapes.

The VIP lounge is a modern implementation of a special identity, skillfully uniting progress and tradition. It can be experienced with all the senses: haptically – in the use of native woods, typical Bavarian materials such as loden, felt, leather, and broad oak planks; and visually – with maximum use of daylight, selective views of the famous white and blue Bavarian sky, and the proposed beer garden. And the result? An island of peace and tranquility in the turbulent working day, a snatch of holiday between appointments, a perfect work oasis equipped with the latest technology, international flair with a Bavarian accent.

In the south wing of Terminal 1, guests have 1,200 square meters at their disposal, consisting of four separately usable suites, a central lounge area with gastronomy, business corner, and separate workrooms, rest area, showers and changing facilities, an interdenominational prayer room, as well as a smoking corner – do the jet set still smoke?  The room conveys a feeling of the alpine mountain world. The falling and rising room recesses determine the conception of the room. The requirements on material and workmanship are manifested at different levels – from the oak-clad doors with their hand-finished brass fittings, the solid wooden tables carved from a tree trunk, to the sensual experience of the fragrant Swiss pine in the relaxation room.

In the reception area, you are greeted by a typically Bavarian motif: a wall of untreated larch shingles covering the rear panel of the reception counter, which is developed out of the dynamically shaped wall. Comfortable leather sofas and armchairs in the second lounge also invite the traveler to linger awhile. Even from the smoking corner opposite, the large glass window provides a view of the runways. Hand-finished tables of solid ash with finger joints represent Bavarian craftsmanship.

But the lounge offers not just relaxation: the Schloss Neuschwanstein Conference Suite provides meeting facilities for up to 10 persons. Under the slogan “Laptop und Lederhose”, alpine motifs such as the solid split-wood wall cladding are combined with the latest conference technology. In addition to relaxation at the bar or in the suites, the business corners offer a suitable atmosphere for quiet, subdued work and communication. Alcoves cut into the wall, with felt-cushioned niches and solid-oak tables, are equipped with all the necessary connections for the latest means of communication.

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Images courtesy of Florian Holzherr, München

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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