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Auchenflower Refurbishment – Two luxury homes in one, Australia


Brisbane-based architectural practice, Dion Seminara Architecture, have refurbished the Auchenflower project. Completed in 2013, the stunning home comes with two frontages, and can be found in Brisbane, Australia.

Every modernisation of a home has its challenges, but when that home is a National Trust listed 1880s Queensland home in the Brisbane suburb of Auchenflower, any alterations need to be handled with a level of care.

However, this is a home with a number of advantages, not the least of which is that it has two street frontages.  It was decided that the home would maintain the architectural historic character on one street frontage whilst being quite modern on the other.


The result is simply stunning and gives one an insight into how visitors to Doctor Who’s Tardis must feel stepping through its doors for the first-time.

Looking at these photographs you could be forgiven for thinking that we had confused photos of two very different properties, but rest assured this is the same property.

The project involved removing an earlier 1975 extension to make way for a new extension which included a below ground garage and basement level. A new ground floor level was constructed, along with an extension of the first floor level which included an expansion of the living and bedroom areas.

A number of alterations were made to the home’s existing verandah. Extended to link to the original house, frameless sliding glass was used behind the balustrade, giving the appearance of an open verandah.

Some level of separation from the old home to the new was desirable and this was achieved in part by a courtyard at ground level which separates the rear extension from the existing home, with the added benefit of preserving the stunning vistas across Brisbane.


Much of the house was refurbished during this project, including the ensuite and walk-in-robe and the bathroom. The home’s existing kitchen was converted to a laundry and powder room.

The overall restoration and interior design is simple and in keeping with the form of the existing home, however the materials and architectural detail are very much reflective of modern design philosophies. Importantly, the character and charm of the original home has in no way been diminished by this gorgeous renovation.

Images courtesy of Dion Seminara Architecture

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