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Arte e Moda an opulent 1920s residence, Montreal


Montreal-based architectural practice, René Desjardins, have designed the Arte e Moda project. Completed in 2012, the opulent 1920s property can be found in Montreal, Canada.

René Desjardins’s latest challenge has been to transform a five-level house in the style of Upstairs Downstairs, the British TV series, into a showcase for contemporary art and refined Italian design. This gave him an occasion to take his search for clean elegance to its logical conclusion, creating luxury out of space itself. It should be said that the project lent itself to such a high-wire act; if the decoration had been noticeable, it would have shown a complete lack of understanding of the kind of environment needed by an art collector.


The luxury Montreal property is a radical alternative to decorated interiors, yet it is unforgettable. In spaces liberated for the play of transparency and light, the art becomes charged with emotion, and the rare pieces of furniture help underscore the quality of the air. A sense of peace reigns throughout, a welcome respite that lets the spirit relax and the imagination wander.


According to the architect: “This had to be the easiest commission I have ever received, particularly due to my aesthetic affinities with the client. We share a taste for low-key luxury, an interest in art and a love for things well made, all of which immediately had us on the same wavelength. This was the essence of the client’s attitude. He is a man of few words who makes decisions quickly, and he was attentive and sensitive to the merits of my professional arguments. He never missed a work meeting. Of course all of this can be seen in the work. The family moved in after 18 months of construction. Never in my career have I seen a project of this size go so smoothly.”

Images courtesy of André Doyon and Martine Doyon

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October 28, 2013 | Property | View comments

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