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Around the world in 80 bedroom designs: Part 1


Contemplating a bedroom redesign but don’t know where to start? With a plethora of possibilities out there, the idea of redecorating your bedroom may be a pretty daunting prospect – and while it might seem easier to point at a colour chart blindfolded and chance it, we think this is a wonderful opportunity to explore.
Design, like just about everything else, translates very differently around the world – which makes for a rather overwhelming mood board. But with countries across the planet offering interior design archetypes rich with style and culture, it seems a little silly to limit yourself to one colour in the cultural spectrum. It’s time to go abroad.
So if you want some help bridging the culture gap or just need an aesthetic interpreter by your side for the journey, let’s get going.



London, England

Inject some shabby chic into your old-school Britannia bedroom. Find a collection of distressed or upcycled furniture for a very sophisticated, very English neo-retro quality.

Think Britpop: red, white and blue makes for a charmingly patriotic and very striking colour scheme for the perfect balance of aggression and class.

Madrid, Spain

Keep things Mediterranean with rich terracotta hallways, sprinkled with some beige and amber. Also there is no need to bother with wallpaper – emphasise the rustic quality of your bedroom with a stone wall and tiles floors.

Paris, France

To emanate sophistication, stick to a palette of off-white, mushroom and duck egg blue – a gourmet recipe for the ultimate in Parisian-chic. And wallpaper should be elegant and decorative, making use of detailed floral and geometric prints.

Berlin, Germany

Imagine the Victorian revival (but Berlin-style), using grand, ornate furniture with a dash of kitsch to give your bedroom some family charm. And colours should, for the most part, be limited to neural greys and browns for European sophistication.

Venice, Italy

Luxury is the name of the game, calling for quality antiques juxtaposed with some edgy contemporary pieces to mix things up. Exercise some restraint, making as much use of negative space as possible – each piece of furniture should be a striking focal point in its own right

Athens, Greece

Immerse yourself in old-school geometric patterns, with a spectrum of terracotta’s, reds and browns for an earthy sense of warmth. Also rounded door frames and white pillars are classically Greek, giving your bedroom an atmosphere of ancient and ornate beauty

Stockholm, Sweden

Modernists should take a trip to their nearest Ikea for inspiration – Scandinavian interiors revolve around this minimalist aesthetic using quality, durable materials. Or if you’d prefer a taste of Scandinavian nostalgia, try a farmhouse vibe – use pale woods, warm colours and rustic furniture to complete the effect.



Hong Kong, China

Feng shui is your friend – obey the laws of bagua and your room will not only be an aesthetic marvel but a sanctum of positive energy. For a striking while modest design theme, litter your bedroom with rich reds and delicate paper lanterns.

Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese design their homes with ‘Ma’ in mind – that’s negative space. Concentrate as much on unoccupied space as the spaces you fill, and avoid clutter at all costs. And shoji screens serve as beautiful and functional separators, allowing you to fully utilise the space that you have.

Bangkok, Thailand

Elephant imagery is classically Thai, as well as offering a charming and peaceful aesthetic to your bedroom – figurines in particular are a popular Thai design choice. Find some traditional pagoda prints and ornaments for a stunning Asian interior – and don’t be afraid to introduce a brilliant splash of red.

Istanbul, Turkey

Bring the outside in with stone tiles and wood flooring – this will give your bedroom the exotic look that Turkish locals aspire to. Instead of a traditional door, opt for an elegant sliding door to separate rooms, finding that gorgeous balance between traditional and open-plan.

Moscow, Russia

Classic Bohemia is alive and well in the Russian home, so keep your colours vivid and eclectic and your materials busy with patterns. There is no need for clean, minimal design here – adorn all areas of your bedroom with kitsch bohemian fabrics for a luxury antique aesthetic.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Many Vietnamese homes are open plan, so doors aren’t necessary for a Hanoi-inspired bedroom. Continue this minimalism throughout your bedroom design. And why not shake things up by replacing tables with much lower alternatives and seats with floor cushions, like the locals do.


North America

Austin, Texas

Kick it ranch style by sticking to wood and leather throughout the room. Your colour palette should use browns, tans and oranges for a homely atmosphere and an Old West aesthetic.

New York City , New York

Be bold – emulate the volume and momentum of the Big Apple with a striking colour scheme of blacks, whites, reds and yellows – don’t be afraid to take risks. One of the world’s artistic hubs, New York City should inspire a graphically beautiful bedroom, fit to burst with bold shapes and adventurous uses of colour.

Miami, Florida

It might not be sunny but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it – your colour palette should overflow with tropical charm, using pinks, yellows and oranges to your heart’s content. And Cultivate that East Coast atmosphere by introducing some plant life to your bedroom and breathing new life into the space.

Juneau, Alaska

What you’re looking for is a balance between a bedroom and a log cabin, keeping things as rustic as possible with wooden furniture and warm lighting. Add some animal imagery to the mix, trying out prints, shags and rugs in whatever amount and combination you fancy.

Honolulu, Hawaii

If you can get anywhere close to a tiki bar, you’ve won – this means flowers, fruit and warm, sandy hues. Your furniture should be limited to bamboo and wicker, giving your bedroom some gorgeous coastal charm.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Make artificial light work for you, focusing on sexy red and white neon’s for a permanent night-time atmosphere. A colour scheme of red, black and white will be positively striking – introduce some Vegas vibes for a bedroom you could find on the strip itself.

San Francisco, California

Think ‘luxury urban’, combining quality materials and sophisticated layouts with cool, urban one-offs and street art undertones. Feel free to get eclectic, using an assortment of furniture, patterns and colours for a sense of manufactured disorder.

So that’s it for part 1. Bon voyage for now and I’ll see you next month for part 2.

Tori Atkinson is a passionate design blogger at Bespoken Interiors, exploring the world of contemporary interior design and documenting her findings along the way – bringing tips and tricks for innovative interiors to the masses.

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