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Allandale House by William O’Brien Jr

Cambridge-based architect William O’Brien Jr has calculated the Allandale House project, a small vacation home mainly intended for families. The residence really is a unique, striking, modern piece of architecture, manipulating unconventional housing shapes and creating wonderful opportunities for luxury living.

Surrounded by a lovely, stunning forest area, the house is offered an alternatively beautiful and traditional dimension. The architect has ensured the house stands out however, choosing an eccentric shape and simple, bold colours. With the primary colour being black against the background of natural colours, the architect has cleverly deployed the use of white as a secondary colour to clash, creating stunning results. The wonderfully sleek, almost metallic finish to the black exterior really is appealing, while windows are positioned to provide extra natural lighting. The triangle-like shape, however, really is the key aspect to this home, ensuring its unique, original edge is preserved.

The interior of the home is a lovely juxtaposition of the exterior, creating a clear and effective divide between the two – a contemporary characteristic. A deluge of bright, white colour is included to clash with the exteriors dark colour, and it really enhances a feeling of luxury. The use of a bookcase which stretches the length of the house is a clever technique, enhancing a feeling of bespoke, refined and sophisticated architecture.

Beautiful views really complete this residence, which is an effective, stunning and luxury small vacation home, perfect for a weekend  away.

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November 28, 2011 | Property | View comments

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