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All bricks & mortar at contemporary Brick House, India


Indian architects and interior designers, Hiren Patel Architects, have designed the Brick House project. The combination of natural simple materials and well-lit, ventilated spaces is the perfect recipe for a serene, beautiful home. This home proves that rustic charm can co-exist with sophisticated elegance. This luxury home can be found  in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

According to the architects: “Employing exposed cement and brick, was the only requirement the couple insisted on, while the rest was left to our aesthetic sensibilities. Working to create the landscape, architecture and interior design, on the L-shaped land bearing a natural curve, allowed us to draw in a complete visual where nature could intertwine with the structure and interior of the house. The courtyards highlight and intersect the house, working as the natural source of ventilation and light, bringing the outside, inside.

“Each room works on a different design language, as per the utility of the spaces and need of the people. Embellished with soft furnishings against the wooden flooring, the master bedroom creates a cozy yet strong statement. Leaving room for changes in the future, all splashes of colors are added through curtains and other soft furnishings. A clean and crisp look is also maintained within the kitchen area with touches of red color against the white background. The entertainment and private seating area on the first floor also become interesting areas to host parties and entertain people. Even despite style and sophistication spread across the home, it is maintenance and kid-friendly.

“The lighting across the luxury Indian home is another feature picked up as per the feel of the space and pieces of art that are showcased. Inspired from the nature around, the lighting also reflects floral motifs. The play of light and shadow within every room has been aligned to create a perfect ambience, in context to the natural light.”

Images courtesy of Sebastian Zachariah

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

July 12, 2013 | Property | View comments

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