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80s Garden House by David Guerra Architecture and Interior


Brazilian architectural practice, David Guerra Architecture and Interior, have designed the Garden House project. The luxury home belongs to a CEO of a London-based business. The stunning home can be found in Belvedere, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

According to the architects: “The office was hired to make a reconstruction and interiors project. One of the main objectives of the brief  was to make the interior/exterior integration bigger, making the garden participate in the day-by-day of the house, bringing more light to the rooms that were too dark.

“Another important point was to make the property more contemporary, giving new spaces and new way to use them, compatible with a new lifestyle and a new epoque of new residents.

“We had to integrate spaces, destroy walls, transform doors, windows and attach protection covering, substitute products, recuperate structures, new electric, new hydraulic, new lights, an atelier, a wine cellar,  kitchen, bathroom, sauna, deck and pool were all planned. All the bathrooms, kitchen and service clear covering, giving an opposite idea of the wood in the existing structures. Only in the kitchen the sand tone was chosen, with the use of the demolition wood, ceramic Brennand, and granite capão bonito, enhanced by the proximity from the green in the garden.

“The idea of the house was to present itself that is is always opened to family and friends. The architect found in the interior design the intention to dialogue these integrated and cozy spaces, providing lightness, invitation and meeting, in addition to host several personal objects of the owners and loaded with a memory value. Natural characteristic, neutral and raw tones give a sense of coziness. Furniture with the bottom distant from the floor, that goes from the stick feet and armchairs, and acrylic chairs have the effect to make the spaces seem bigger, light and fluid. The mix of styles, which goes from the 50s, pass by the classics, ethnic, contemporaries, are incremented with Brazilian references.

“The use of white tiles in the kitchen, dining, bathrooms and service area has the function to give coziness and, at the same time, brighten up the property. The superior windows in wood shutters gave space to big Blindex openings and a new glass coverage appears, in the center of the fireplace, bringing illumination to the house. In the lighting, there was a concern of illuminating the the rooms, keeping this cozy atmosphere. The balconies and the decks got bigger to create ambience without interfering the flow.”

Images courtesy of Jomar Bragança

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