Luxury Island House, South Korea

Iroje KHM Architects a Seoul-based design studio has completed the Island House. Completed in 2008, this contemporary home is located in Gapyunggun, Gyeounggi-do, South Korea.

According to the architects: “While maximising the efficiency of land use, the leaner concrete mass, that cherishes the courtyard was filled with the water and the greenery was laid out on this site along the irregular formed site line.

“This courtyard is ‘The architectural nature’ and a central recreation space like an extended river that communicates, the river and architecture.

“Naturally, all of the rooms inside this site-shaped-mass are laid towards the picturesque landscape to enjoy the graceful scenery surrounded this site.

“The huge panoramic view framed with sloped ceiling line that is composed with the lines of stepped roof gardens and the bottom line of the inner court, is the major impression of inner space of this contemporary Korean house.

“The shape of the mountain type structure composed of irregular polygonal shaped concrete mass and metal mesh was designed to harmonise with the context as ‘the architectural mountain’.

“There was the intention to be a part of the surrounding context that consisted of the river and the mountain.” The contemporary Korean property was named ‘Island House’ as it is an ‘architectural island’.

Images courtesy of JongOh Kim.  


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