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Luxury Iporanga House, Brazil

Iporanga House has been designed by Nitsche Arquitectos Associados a São Paulo-based design studio. The chic home is located in Iporanga, a condominium for summer houses on Sao Paulo’s coast, approximately 120km east from the capital.

According to the architects: “This condo is inside a very well preserved and protected area of the original Atlantic Rainforest. The exuberance of this native forest has taken the client to demand a contemporary São Paulo home that occupied the minimum space as possible on the lot. But at the same time the owner wanted it to be spacious and comfortable, and requested five suites, one for the couple, one for each of his three sons and one for guests, which demanded no less the 400 m2 space to be built on.


“The  contemporary Brazilian property has been split into three levels: a suspended volume, wood structured for the five suites, so they would be on the trees crown/top; a plan, the concrete slab elevated from the ground to support all of the program social activities, living, dining room the kitchen and the swimming pool; and underneath it, on ground level there is a small enclosed area for services. And small accommodation for the couples housekeeper, a laundry and a deposit.

Images courtesy of Nelson Kon


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Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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