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Who’s Who introduces a new concept for an international retail project


Milan-based interior designers and architects Studio Fabio November have completed the Who’s Who project. The stunning boutique can be found in Milan, Corso Venezia, Italy.

According to the architects: “The brand that has become a symbol of modernity and femininity, confirms its international vocation and presents the new concept that shall characterise its boutiques.

“In order to develop the new retail strategy and create an innovative design, Who’s Who engaged Fabio Novembre, an eclectic, imaginative and contemporary architect who, with a surprising project, succeeded in highlighting the company’s DNA, with a strong, meaningful and long-sighted concept. The boutiques become an ideal set for a meeting between a man and a woman, represented by outsized sculpted glass figures, that seem to be walking slowly across space while their hands search for each other, until they brush against each other, in a free interpretation that remind one of Michelangelo. A surreal scene, in which the wrought steel walls reflect a multiply reality, making it fluid; the floor, slowly sloping towards the side walls, is the only hint showing the direction to go, because, as the architect points out, “only the spark of love can light the flame of creation”, of any kind. “We like to say that the name Who’s who refers to the search for an identity, to the constant leaning towards something that is not the self”, Mr Novembre insists.

The ideal location for the launch of this ambitious plan is Milan’s ‘Quadrilatero della Moda’, the first shop opened in Corso Venezia 8.

“This important retail project was strongly supported by Massimiliano Dossi, the head of the company, and the opening of another single-brand boutique, this time in Forte Dei Marmi is scheduled to open later this year. Forte Dei Marmi is a strategic Italian location, given its status of internationally renowned sea town.

“In 2013 the company scheduled the opening of at least four other boutiques in areas in which the brand has been quite successful in the past several years: China – Middle East – Russia. Finally, the three-year plan, which shall see its end in 2015, includes the opening of at least 22 single-brand shops around the world.”

Images courtesy of Pasquale Formisano

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