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Contemporary ‘house of confronted rooms’, Paraguay

Asunción-based interior designers and architects BAUEN have completed the design of two contemporary new-build properties. The beautiful abods can be found in the city of Luque famed for its guitars and Paraguayan harps.

According to the architects: “In this interior design project the search for a protected human space that suits to the topography, vegetation, tropical climate, and where people find comfort in the broadest sense of the word; takes us to propose a vindication of the knowledge contributed, and often forgotten, by our vernacular architecture.

“The ‘Culata Jovai’ or ‘House of Confronted Rooms’ is a real bio climatic solution belonging to one of our traditional ways of living in harmony with the environment and constitutes our base typology for a new reinterpretation, according to new functional programmes, needs of symbolic representation and new technologies, framed in a sustainable project.

“With the inclusion of a green roof, we rediscover the original space of vegetation displayed by the construction, also reduces the heat due to the thermal inertia of the underground spaces, therefore significantly reducing the conventional energy consumption of these two contemporary Paraguayan properties.

Images courtesy of Marcelo Jiménez and Monica Matiauda.

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November 17, 2012 | Property | View comments

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