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The Luxury Laranjeiras Residence, Brazil


Built in a gated community on the southern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, this luxury summer property has been designed by design studio Fernanda Marques. The natural beauty of its surroundings has defined its architectural approach – Brazil’s most stunning landscapes.

Steel was used for the structure of the luxury house, its technical features and design provide excellent freedom. The outer shell however, is covered in wood, a device used to protect it from the sea air and make it more familiar looking amid the green Mata Atlântica.

In order to provide maximum integration between the internal and external areas, large glazed windows were used, allowing virtually every room in the house ample interaction with the landscape. To counterbalance the use of timber, the essential element in the project’s aesthetic arrangement, interior areas were conceived with strong emphasis on the dialogue among materials, either finished or unfinished – oscillating between rustic and high-tech.

To that end, one of the main challenges faced by the architect was selecting furniture and decorative pieces that were contemporary in their look yet were in keeping with the beachfront style. Also, small items were picked so that nothing would obstruct the heavenly sea view.

Fernanda Marques, architect, said: “We mixed sophisticated and contemporary finishes (such as lacquer, mirrors and stainless steel) and more rustic ones (sea-grass, reclaimed wood). The materials had to be suitable for use on the coast.”

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