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The FAV’s Pavilion in La Grande Motte by David Hamerman


Montpellier-based architectural practice, David Hamerman Architecte, designed a pavilions for the 2013 FAV. The contemporary pavilion can be found in La Grande Motte, Canada.

Since the 2011, the FAV have implemented a pavilion as part of the festival. This pavilion allows the reception and the diffusion of public information about the festival. It is also the starting point of the course of the festival, a meeting place and forum for all visitors. Taking place strategically in the heart of the city, for the 8th Edition two pavilions were made. The first was in the usual courtyard of the CCIT Montpellier, Hotel Saint Come and the second was in front of the new Office of Tourism in the city of La Grande Motte.

For the year 2013, the festival organisers wanted to entrust the realisation of two buildings with two young graduate architects from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Montpellier and settled in the Languedoc Roussillon.

According to the festival organisers: “Memory … memory and the sea … a song by Léo Ferré. This city and its forms are crimping the Mediterranean are the testimony of an era. A moment of generosity where holidays for all became a project. The city reflects this. A wilderness where the thought came to embrace nature into culture. Culture built space … through light, shape and material. A moment of freedom when special architecture and the landscape returned to resonate to organize a thought, a moment of architecture … alive. Somehow, the Grande Motte is a festival, a magical place flooded with symbols, an ode to the sea, the sun and wind. Its main designer, Jean Balladur dreamed of pyramids share their moldings symbolise the masculine and the feminine. A little Aztec qu’égyptiennes there yet fail Moses to come open sea in two. The pavilion is a tribute to this thought, in love with a site, a desire to offer the kind of architecture and views of the sea to the greatest number. Sea, pines, and a lot of steel, tens of thousands of son of steel structure, carving, store drawing of a city become a cult. Steel … and a few pine needles. A wave which is crossed in a few seconds, a wave of steel that will not punctuate Walker … An ode to the sea, the sun and wind.”

Robin Juzon designed the pavilion in Montpellier and David Hamerman designed the pavilion in La Grande Motte.

Images courtesy of Paul Kozlowski

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