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The dynamic and vibrant U Square project, Thailand


Bangkok-based architectural practice Atelier of Architect have completed the U Square project. completed in 2012, the contemporary apartments and retail uni can be found on the outer skirt of Bangkok, Thailand.

Located in the outer skirt of Bangkok, along the fence of Thammasat University Rangsit Campus, U Square is composed of two counterparts, apartment and retail. In the wedge shape four Rai land plot, the 7 storey apartment building is placed towards the rear, while the two storey retail unit is placed perpendicular towards the main entrance axis to create the visual exposure from the frontal to the rear apartment.

The design of the retail building, made out of two parallel bars is defined by the trajectory of the walkway, inter linking bridge and the orange cylinder toilet. While the luxury apartment Thai apartment design articulates the exploration to eliminate the massive repetition, by the zig zag folded form. Aligned the lift foyer each floor to the space between two bars of retail building.

The contemporary U Square project is a celebration of dynamism and is vibrant with uplifting colours.

Images courtesy of Krisada Boonchaleaw, Salyawate Prasertwitayakarn

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February 21, 2013 | Property | View comments

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