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Chic Park Home, Singapore

Formwerkz Architects a Singapore-based design studio has designed the The Park House. Completed in 2011, this two-storey contemporary home can be found in Singapore.

According to the architects: “Located in the northeastern corner of Singapore, the 2-1/2 storey house sits on a sunken piece of land facing a huge park next to the sea. The luxury Singaporean home has been designed for a middle-age couple that enjoy entertaining frequently.

The contemporary Singaporean property  is set low to the ground and all the bedrooms are placed on grade while the living spaces on the upper floors. The bedrooms on the lower floors gets the shade and privacy from the garden and the boundary walls while the communal space on top, connects with the park across the street.

Capitalising on the planning guidelines on Roof Eaves Setbacks, created a 2m wide apron all round the upper floor that stretches to form the car porch canopy. The band of cantilevered concrete is planted on top, elevating the garden to the upper floor while shading the bedrooms on the ground.” Images courtesy of Jeremy San.

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March 29, 2012 | Property | View comments

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