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Remarkable modern floating home by Designs Northwest Architects

Designs Northwest Architects designed a float home on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. The house is modern, unique and beautiful in design, and perfect in its clever, sophisticated execution.

The most modern aspect of the house is striking and clear to see instantly: Design Northwest Architects implementing an ingenious, unique façade from which to ‘float’ the house on a vast body of water. The sea it’s based on is an attractive prospect in itself, offering beautiful, calm and relaxing views and even a free pool! The sleek, wooden material of the houses exterior encapsulates a traditional architecture that is juxtaposed with the modern, contemporary design; a clever theme.

Inside, the gorgeous views are supplemented with a glorious, spacious and luxurious interior, fit for any clients. Comfortable seating is granted, while the sleek wood from the exterior is also seen in the interior, providing a clever continuity and a rustic, homely feel throughout the house. The tiled bathroom also offers another avenue to tradition in this residence, which really is an attractive, appealing aspect when used in conjunction with the modern techniques.

Modern art hanging from the walls merely enhances the luxurious, contemporary feel of this home, while the panoramic views cannot be understated whatsoever.

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November 22, 2011 | Property | View comments

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