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Remarkable and contemporary home by Mizuishi Architect Atelier

Mizuishi Architect Atelier have designed the River Side House in Horinouchi, an incredible, comfortable and contemporary house which stretches the imagination in terms of perception, space and aesthetics.

The exterior of the house is purposely underwhelming, which merely adds to the magic of the residence. Built on a tiny, triangle site, the River Side House combines efficiency with luxury living in a way never seen before.

The interior of the home is inconceivable – taking into account the exterior – and houses surprisingly spacious, well-organized and comfortable living areas. Sleekness, elegance and simplicity are key aspects in this house, as the architects have distorted space to fit an excellent sized kitchen and comfortable living space on the ground floor, while a bedroom, bathroom and loft area are all perfectly fitted on the first floor.

The efficient use of space by Mizuishi Architect has created a terrific, modern home with excellent techniques. Ensuring comfort and luxury are not compromised in the slightest; the house is extremely well-executed in design and offers an abundance of natural light, allowing it to shine literally and figuratively.

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October 21, 2011 | Property | View comments

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