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Minimal Black on White House, Romania

Timisoara-based architectural practice Parasite Studio have designed the Black on White House project. Completed in 2012, this minimalistic modern family home is located in Timisoara, Romania.

According to the architects: “The main theme of the contemporary Romanian property  was a dark box containing private spaces sustained by a series of white walls which delineate the semi-public spaces. The look is completed by the relationship of a contemporary living environment that is either natural or man made.

“The system of courtyards together with the main living spaces mediates the transition between public and private, being made up in relation to the landscape and the natural light, designed to assure the intimacy, communication and exposure needed by a young family.

“On the ground level, the exterior of the courtyard and the interior of the living areas is divided and ordered by a series of white walls that cross it, supporting the box that comprises the bedroom and is split into five exterior courtyards, differently orientated and having different degrees of permeability. Seen from the outside, the interior functions are divided in two typologies: spaces of a strong public character, those of the day routine, located on the ground-floor, opened and fluid and the private spaces that host the night activities, located on the first floor and enclosed in a black volume. From the inside the delimitation is much more flexible and can be largely dictated by its users. The living room, kitchen and dining area are open-plan. On the ground floor the space remains fluid, white and strongly flooded by natural light, minimally furnished with simple volumes. The large windows allow almost complete opening, counting on the flexibility of the interior/exterior delimitation.”

Images courtesy of Attila Wenczel/Parasite Studio

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December 31, 2012 | Property | View comments

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