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Luxury Villa G, Norway

Bergen-based design studio Saunders Architecture has completed the Villa G project. Completed in 2009, this two-storey, contemporary property is located in Bergen, Norway.

The contemporary Norwegian villa lies like a white landmark in the soft landscape at Hjellestad, near Bergen.  The house is large yet not dominating, modern but not pretentious.  The house has a futuristic form but is built with traditional Nordic materials and architectural elements with a good basis in Norwegian building methods.

The wooden cladding on the contemporary Norwegian house consist of three different size mounted in a random pattern. The house has an over built covered outside space and the second floor covers the entrance below helping the house work together with the rough climate on the west coast of Norway. Villa G is now another achievement in architect, Todd Saunders,  portfolio of work.

Images courtesy of Todd Saunders with Ryan Jørgensen and Thomas Pfeffer.

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May 25, 2012 | Property | View comments

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