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Luxury Mirante do Horto condo, São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo-based architect Flavio Castro has completed the Mirande do Horto project. The project was completed in 2010 and can be found in Horto Florestal, São Paulo, Brazil.

According to the architect: “The concept of the contemporary Brazilian house has a strong influence of national and international artistic movements such as the modern architecture and Bauhaus. I believe that architecture is the result of an academic reflection on real needs that creates possibilities according to the culture, environment, etc..

“The project of the residence came from a basic premise: maximum use of land for a huge programme. Thus, the strategy was to locate specific areas and vertical circulation in a way that the rest of spaces enjoy extreme flexibility and a wide visual range, profiting the structure and volume.

“A container rests on two “bars” and stands out in access and uses of their immediate surroundings. The prismatic volume contains the programme of the residence on two floors plus a roof garden.

“This transition provided by two metal beams allows the floor of the garage to spread to the maximum boundary of the site. Maximum occupancy without affecting ventilation and lighting guaranteed exactly by that range.

“The contemporary house is located in the extreme north of the city of Sao Paulo. Despite being the main economic hub of the country, this part of town still has preserved a certain bucolic landscape and an intense contact with tropical nature. It’s next to “Horto Florestal” park.”

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