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Luxury beach front Wanka House, Argentina


Cariló-based architectural practice Estudio Galera have designed the Wanka House project. The hip and chic property can be found in the beach resort town of Cariló, Argentina.

According to the architects: “Wanka House is a holiday, a playful space where family and friends meet to relax.

“The luxury house, which is set a hundred meters from the sea in Cariló  is nourished and inspired by the landscape. This is why the brief took full advantage of the views of the surroundings and the optimal sunlight where the plot is situated.

“Towards the rear façade we encounter the sea and at front, the forest. A placid place to enjoy in summer – when temperatures can reach 40°C (140°F) – as well as in the harsh winter, when temperatures drop to as low as -6°C (21°F).

“The house is set in the rear section of the plot so that it is close to the beach. At the same time, the front generates spaces to enjoy in the open air. The original levels of the plot and the distance to the street favor this, as the inhabitants can engage in different activities without been seen by passersby from the street.

“The living room and dining room floor opens in three faces in order to incorporate the forest to the inside; thus, the boundary between the interior and exterior melts away. The kitchen closes to the south. The barbecue area, as a natural extension of the inside, is directly related to the swimming pool. Towards the rear façade, the dining room floor opens to an intimate terrace and below it, in the natural terrain level, a fire pit and grill becomes the perfect meeting place to be next to the fire.

“A white box ‘flying’ towards the front contains the bedrooms. Similar to a periscope, the box is protruded -and thus, appears to float out from the main structure- covering the intimate terrace of the dining room and to the front, overhanging the grill area, the box floats over everyone and everything, until it rests on a column that deflects the structural load of the plot before disappearing on a water mirror.

“The top level is fully dedicated to leisure. Thought of as a place to carry out both indoor and outdoor activities, the 360° look-out allows for sights of the sea to the east, vistas of the forest to the west, and outlines of a neighboring city skyline towards the north.”

Images courtesy of Diego Medina

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