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Luxurious House in Portugal by Jorge Mealha

This luxurious property is located in Alto do Lagoal in Paço de Arcos, a neighbourhood in Lisbon, Portugal. It was meticulously designed by Jorge Mealha in a modern area of the European city, overlooking the sea.

Built on a slope, this house is saturated with plain white surfaces, contrasting perfectly with the natural, green surroundings within which it is situated. While the residence looks unconventional within the streets of Portugal on one side of the house, the other side boasts a spacious garden area, perfect for relaxing.

The interior matches the exterior to the finest detail. White continues to dominate the theme, with the only difference coming in the bathroom where a dash of grey marble is included. The lavish, sleek and contemporary finish within the houses interior merely serves to accentuate the luxury this house embraces.

In designing the house, Mealha clearly preferred a refined clash of simplicity with an extroverted touch. The polished finish of the common white surfaces allows the house to stand out within the Portuguese neighbourhood, whilst the house boasts a luxurious, contemporary feel both externally and internally.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

October 7, 2011 | Property | View comments

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