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Luxurious Californian Home by Todd Verwers Architects

The naturally stunning, quaint and beautiful Sea Ranch Residence has been designed and completed by Todd Verwers Architects and resides in Northern California, encapsulating the natural beauty of the environment.

Surrounded by striking wildlife, this home is immediately provided with a modern, natural edge. The choice of this area was a careful one and took into consideration the perfect image of tranquillity, peace and calm; placing it here in Northern California. The architects also carefully presided over the exterior and colour of the home, culminating in the choice of a charming tan colour to compliment both the wildlife and the traditional exposed brick walls. The house itself is also clearly a minimalistic home from the offset, increasing its charm massively. A heavy saturation of large windows also exemplifies the beauty of the home, adding an efficient touch as natural lighting overpowers the need for its artificial cousin.

While the Californian sun majestically bounces off the home’s exterior, the interior promotes a charm of its very own. The use of a simplistic but pleasant and charismatic white to adorn the walls enhances both a feeling of space and calm. The contemporary and comfortable furnishings adopt a darker colour to create a stunning combination also, as the exposed wood on the ceiling furthers the charming traditional touch.

Stunning views perfectly compliment this glorious Californian home, which encapsulates the divide between traditional and contemporary modes whilst promoting comfortable, calm and luxurious living.


Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

January 4, 2012 | Property | View comments

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