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Hebil 157 houses in Bodrum inspired by the flow of lava


Istanbul-based architectural practice, Aytac Architects, have designed the Hebil 157 project. Completed in 2012, the five luxury apartments were inspired by the cascading flow of lava of the ancient Kos volcano and can be found in Bodrum, Turkey. 

According to the architects: “Each villa is positioned strategically. All equally benefit from vast and wonderful views of the bay as they interact with the surrounding Aegean landscape and the Mediterranean breeze.

“The five villas are shaped and formed like the crystallised lava flows of the legendary Volcano Kos once located near the Hebil 157 site.

“Erupting out of the terrain dramatically, the vortexing ‘Bodrum White’ masses merge into the background with serenity.

“Embracing the century old olive trees the central courtyard pays homage to the local flora. Large glass surfaces bring the picturesque landscape inside, blurring the division between inside and outside.

The influence of the volcano is experienced both in materiality and spatial organisation. The spaces are fluidly connected, rejecting compartmentalisation.

“No stone other than volcanic basalt has been used in the interior design.

“The project investigates the rich relationship between the dynamics and complex forces of nature, which transforms into a relaxing therapeutic environment, ornamented with ten thousand lavenders.”

Images courtesy of the architects

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