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Gorgeous Natural Australian Home by bureau^proberts

bureau^proberts have designed this stunning, vast family home, placed within the beautiful surroundings of Newmarket, Queensland, Australia. The Patane Residence immediately grabs an audience’s attention, and invigorates the client with luxurious living combined with gorgeous panoramic views of the Australian scenery.

The use of white colour in combination with a deep, urbane wooden colour for the exterior is an effective coupling, while the house itself is stretched over a large area of land, ensuring that leisure activities are accommodated if desired. The location of the site was thought over well by the architects, who eventually decided that the attractiveness of the Australian wildlife and the capabilities of the efficient weather made the decision an easy one. Surrounded by palm trees in this leafy suburb, the Patane Residence really is a picture of the pinnacle in modern architecture.

Inside, a saturation of windows allows the natural light to bounce throughout the home, while the sleek, smooth finish of both the flooring and the furnishings merely enhances a feeling of luxury, comfort, relaxation and calm; feelings matched only by the vast swimming pool on the back garden.

The contemporary furnishings and fittings are seen throughout the house, providing an efficient edge to this gloriously beautiful and natural Australian residence.

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January 6, 2012 | Property | View comments

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