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From Parking To Perching At Salon Urbain, Montreal

Canadian design studios Sid Lee Architecture and Aedifica have joined forces to transform a former parking area into an urban lounge. The contemporary lounge can be found in the Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada.

According to the architects: “Sid Lee Architecture and Ædifica turned a parking area at Place des Arts into a Salon Urbain, a versatile new space ideal for meeting up before or after a musical performance, a gallery visit or a conference. The Salon Urbain fully captures the artistic appeal of the site, located at the St. Urbain entrance of the Place des Arts and next to the new concert hall.

“The  contemporary Canadian building  boasts  a  conveniently  central  location,  but  it  really  comes  to  life  during  events, says Martin Leblanc, architect and partner at Sid Lee Architecture. ‘The space is a destination in itself and a welcoming prelude to the musical and social experience it precedes’.

The bar is the pièce de resistance of the Salon Urbain, a hymn to art: a sound wave in physical form. It is the key element in a mobile world where people come together, dance, listen…  The colour red is omnipresent, associated with performing arts and premiere nights, and becomes the symbol of a hip urban culture that beats to rhythm of music and the arts. The contemporary Montreal building is a versatile space, equipped with the latest technology and perfect for any event. The goal of the Salon Urbain is to keep alive the magical feeling that comes with attending a concert.

“The contemporary Montreal lounge is a must-see destination for all and will attract clientele from all over.”

Images courtesy of Stéphane Brugger.

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July 16, 2012 | Property | View comments

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