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Extravagant Natural Residence by Kalia

Costa Rican designers Kalia have completed the Black Beauty Tierra Villa. Located in the wonderful Black Beauty Village in Ostional in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, this residence is a natural but luxurious feast for the eyes.

The city of Ostional, well known for its National Wildlife Refuge, is the perfect setting for this contemporary villa, as is obvious with one glance at the exterior. The 2,992 square foot, three bedroom, two bathroom modern vacation home offers spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and wondrous sunset skies at night.

Embracing the natural sloping landscape, Tierra both floats high above the ocean and submerges itself into the lush Costa Rican jungle, with a deluge of green, natural wildlife striking the eye immediately when viewing the villas exterior.

The interior continues the lavish, natural trend. A vast swimming pool grasps the focal point of the house, bringing attention to itself almost instantly as the beautiful Costa Rican sun bounces off the surface. Continue inside and the mixes of colours in the house are magnificent. Shades of white, brown, red, orange and blue bring a cascade of colours into the villa, while the spacious rooms offer luxury of the highest order.

Comfortable, lavish furnishings follow the deluxe trend of this holiday home. The natural surroundings, perfect climate and stunning views all add up to a breathtaking experience and a fantastic residence.

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October 14, 2011 | Property | View comments

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