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Contemporary Restaurant Pombo 18, Madrid

Restaurant Pombo 18 has been designed by A-cero an international design studio with offices in Spain,UAE, Russia, Dominican Republic and Vietnam. The contemporary restaurant can be found in Madrid, Spain.

According to the architects: “A-cero provides movement to the interior design with curved lines and organic shapes typical of the studio’s current work. The colours chosen are mainly brown in different tonalities. This brown colour is even used in the external glass facade, giving to the restaurant an elegant and modern touch.

“On the floor there’s a synthetic fitted carpet made of bolon, resistant and tough against the normal activity in these kind of business. The floor also has brown colours, combining with the different tonalities of brown disposed all along the restaurant and creating a warm and friendly space for the customers.

“The organic structures create different areas. The household and other items perfectly  suit the space of this contemporary Spanish restaurant. Images on the walls are in typical A-cero style.

“The bars are made of white Hi-Macs enhancing the purpose of using quality and durable materials.

“A really elegant staircase leads to the high floor where is placed the VIP zone and access to the terrace, mainly used in the summer. However, there is also lift access for disabled passengers.”

Fancy excellent gastronomy in a pleasant environment? You can visit the contemporary restaurant in Manuel Pombo Angulo st, number 18 in Madrid. For further information or bookings, call 917 504 822 or visit

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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