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Contemporary Restaurant Design, India

Indian design practice Hiran Patel Architects have completed the contemporary restaurant design of a vegetarian restaurant. Completed in 2012, the contemporary restaurant can be found in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 

According to the architects: “When ethnic values meet modern requirements, it delivers an exquisite blend for society. We can see the same in this restaurant.

“The contemporary designed restaurant is a part of ‘ShreekunjMandapam’- a party plot (ceremony venue) in the heart of the city. This party plot is best known for hospitality and its creating environment in cultural ceremonies.

“Once you go down through ‘Toran’-an ethnic element of region, which reflects the rich past of its architecture.

“Having a wall made of antique stone blocks one side and a screen inspired of wooden blocks on the other, makes this place the most striking space of the restaurant, which also serves the purpose of the reception. To maintain the ethnicity and the essence of the region was the main challenge of the brief. The client’s immense inclination towards culture and deep knowledge of cultural values helped us a lot in the process.

“For the interior design and flooring we used various types of natural stone to maintain the cultural environment, which also helped us to reduce our carbon footprint. All light fixtures are custom made and local craftsmen have worked on the entire project. A wooden ceiling inspired from traditional ‘Pol’ houses of Ahmedabad adds value to the dining area.

“The contemporary restaurant serves pure vegetarian food, which is synonymous to the region.

“Basic principles of architecture have been applied to the design of the Indian restaurant and use of art and art-objects make the spaces ‘timeless’ in quality.”

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