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Contemporary Residence in Stockholm, Sweden

This residence, dubbed the ‘House on a Cliff’ was designed by Petra Gipp Arkitektur and Katarina Lundeberg. It resides on a cliff-face in Stockholm, Sweden, and was planned with the idea of privacy on one hand, and experience of the nearby environment on the other.

The house, which adheres to the aforementioned privacy as it turns away from the cliff-top settlement and towards the water, both blends within the quiet, homely Swedish setting and introduces itself loudly as a luxurious residence. An example of its unconventional roots lies within the bathroom, as the walls are high enough to allow there to be no roof.

The natural colours of the houses exterior continues into the interior, as the greys, browns and whites intertwine to create a contemporary, spacious and functional living space. The architect’s intention has been to create something sustainable through the use of materials that age with dignity, to enhance the experience over time, both of the house and of the site. The natural feel is compounded as they did their utmost to not damage the site the house is situated on, allowing it to grow organically.

The luxurious detail of the furnishings accentuates the lavish feel of this residence, and the freedom that can potentially be enjoyed is boundless in this timeless house.

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October 4, 2011 | Property | View comments

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