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Contemporary Open Box House by A-cero

Spanish studio A-cero has completed the stunning Open Box House project, a natural, spacious and contemporary residence located in Madrid, Spain.

The exterior of the house is immediately striking. With wildlife and natural colours grabbing the attention instantly, such as the beautiful deep green, well-kept grass encasing the home itself, this residence has a sort of homely yet luxurious feel. The wonderful stone, smooth finish of the houses exterior contrasts with this, as does the excellent, modern stone pathway. The back-garden of the house is a haven of relaxation, with a vast swimming pool. Through stunning artificial lighting, the house shines bright in the night, creating a calming atmosphere, especially in the pool.

The contemporary design of the home is brilliant in its conception, as is the interior. High-scaling ceilings create a spacious atmosphere in every room, while a clever saturation of windows ensures that light is breathed into the home regularly. Incredibly striking furnishings such as bright white chairs and tables on one side of the main living area, with cream and dark sofas on the other side, create a stunning contrast of both colours and styles.

With four bedrooms, a library, a vast swimming pool and a quirky, contemporary design, the Open Box House project clearly stands out as a quality, comfortable piece of design excellence.

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October 17, 2011 | Property | View comments

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