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Contemporary Groupe Scolaire Pasteur, France


Grenoble-based architectural practice R2K Architectes have designed the Groupe Scolaire Pasteur project. The building is located in Limeil-Brevannes, near Paris, France. 

The building consists of three preschools and two elementary schools. The method of commissioning the project is called the “conception-construction” system, where the competition teams propose all plans and the construction is done on a fixed price. Beside schools, an apartment building of social housing of 46 flats was included to the programme. The construction of the apartment building starts in April, 2013.

The architects, saw two issues in the work: “The new building would have a crucial factor in redefining the future of urban spaces in the city centre. The town hall faces the building from the north and beside it will be the “mediatheque”. The southern side will be connected to a square formed by new apartment buildings. The difference in latitude from north to south is four meters. By its western side, the site is connected to private house fabric. However, the area is scattered and we wanted to achieve precisely formed urban spaces. The area had the urban plan, but our proposal was very different from it.

“For a school building, it is one of the largest in France with around 1000 pupils. We wanted to create a unique identity and its own community in the big overall frame. Each school is grouped around its own courtyard. The schools are principally very traditional following classroom structure. They have a communal restaurant and library, but the aim was that every school ought to be its own empire. Our goal was to connect the inner and outer spaces seamlessly.”

The interior design is modern, simple and fit for purpose. Adelto looks forward to the completion of the apartment buildings.

Images courtesy of Jussi Tiainen

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March 9, 2013 | Property | View comments

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