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Contemporary family home – Apelle, Karjaa, Finland


Karjaa-based architectural practice, Casagrande Laboratory, has designed the Apelle project. Completed in 2013, the contemporary family home is located in Karjaa, Finland.

This wooden family home located in Karjaa rests in a natural harbour like a boat in a sheltering pocket surrounded by bed rocks and trees. The interior design is simple, modern and bright.


According to the architect: “Along this axis the collective and private actions are tuned according to the times, functions and needs of the day and night.

“The same space is used for everything from sleeping to eating and socializing to working. This kind of multi-functional space of “tupa” or “pirtti” is common in traditional Finnish architecture.


“House Apelle is part of nature. The surrounding forest has been architecturally articulated into a shelter for a family of contemporary natives. The house is in the forest as much as the forest is in the house – the architecture is a mediator between  man and nature.

“The contemporary family home is well insulated with wood based materials and during the harsh winters it heats up by thermal heating supported by two fire-places.


“The main building volume is structurally supported by a smaller volume on the side acting as an outrigger.

“Apelle is built by two local carpenters used to for building both houses and wooden boats. According to the carpenters, this is a boat.”


Images courtesy of Marco Casagrande

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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