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Contemporary design Edgecliff Medical Centre, Sydney

Sydney-based architects and interior designers Enter Architecture have designed  the Edgecliff Medical Centre for austistic children. Completed in 2012, the contemporary medical centre can be found in Sydney, Australia.

According to the architects: “At 150sqm, the project was modest in its footprint but sets a clear example of digitally fabricated interiors, and a prototype to see how these projects perform. In early conversations with the client, priorities were quickly realised: three radiating treatment rooms, a central reception area, lots of play spaces, soft furnishings like beanbags and excellent visibility – all of which contributed to the genesis for the ideas and space planning that followed.

“Design sensitivity was imperative when considering the function of the space and very much influenced the final result. Having a clear understanding of the client’s needs on a day to day basis and moreover the needs of visiting patients, meant practical issues were also of high importance. The way in which the geometry circulates and unfolds not only promotes an atmosphere of calm, rest and relaxation but in severe circumstances, also prevents children from harming themselves on corners: where this space is concerned, right angles are most definitely the wrong angles in this interior design project.

“The partnership of light, optics  and olour also played a pivotal role in shaping the overall feel of the contemporary design project. Indirect lighting was used to soften the space with cove lighting providing an additional calming effect. Colours play an important role in shaping our emotions and with this in mind, a fresh and neutral base pallet was picked with bold colour injections interspersed throughout. Known for its healing properties, a fearless orange shade was chosen for the back feature wall. Soft furnishings complemented the colour scheme with playful dinosaur design rugs and Fiocco ‘stocking’ chairs by Busnelli.

Images courtesy of Brett Boardman.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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