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Contemporary Casa Reforma, Mexico City

Central De Arquitectura a Mexican design studio studio has designed the Casa Reforma. Completed in 2010, this two storey contemporary home can be found in Mexico city, Mexico.

According to the architects: “The project retakes the geometries of the context and urban image, unifying them in a tectonic volume. These volumes float above a water mirror which gives access to the property. A single skin of stone gives colour and shape to the whole project, creating modulated openings and perforations that allow the entrance of light and shades created by the same volumes, controlling over natural light and creating private and comforting areas.

“The interior spaces have plenty of diversity in the materials used, as well as their use. The structural solution is a combination of concrete and steel. The result was a plan view free of columns and visually transparent that generates an interaction between the inside and the outside across the existing translucent openings.

“The project is a contemporary Mexican house that is generated from the broad needs of the client, with an extensive program that was developed and which allowed to make a game of spaces along the project.

“The contemporary interior design played a major role in the design process, one of the most noticeable elements is the interaction of fixtures and fittings selected in each of the elements that compose the final project.” Images courtesy of Central de Arquitectura.

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April 27, 2012 | Property | View comments

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