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India is a country of major contrasts. The hustle and bustle of the city seems a million miles away from the peaceful coast, the growl of a tiger differs greatly from the scampering of a small monkey, the high rise office buildings so distinct from small lantern-lit villages. India is also a country famous for its amazing cuisine – the birthplace of the curry. And Indians cook and serve curries like no other nation; they would argue that you haven’t truly tasted curry until you experience the real deal in India. Luxury accommodation in India comes in many shapes and sizes, from the traditionally decorated to contemporary designs, India is host to a wild mixture of different options of hotel. Find the perfect one for you as you travel in luxury across India.

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Luxury Himalayan Retreat – Shakti 360 Leti and Kumaon Village

Shakti Himalaya is a luxury village house experience in the breathtaking Himalayas, the worlds tallest mountain range. Shakti offers a rare opportunity to discover compellingly beautiful and remote regions of the Indian Himalaya, combining an honest and sustainable approach with sophisticated simplicity and style. Without the strenuous effort involved in trekking, the romantic and rejuvenating […]

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