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Power of imagery in architecture exhibition opens in London


A new exhibition exploring the critical possibilities of photography and showcasing the best architectural photography in the world opened at Sto’s Clerkenwell showroom today.

The exhibition, which features winning images from The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2014 celebrates the power and impact of photography on the way we sense and experience spaces.


The exhibition will showcase 14 of the world‘s most renowned architectural photographers including overall winners Hufton + Crow as well as David Borland, Sonia Mangiapane, Tim Van de Velde and Mads Mogensen.


Focusing on the medium’s practice, methodology and means of architectural representation, Sto Werkstatt has collaborated with Arcaid Images and has sought to examine the skill and creativity of the photographer and explore the critical possibilities of photography.


Amy Croft, curator at Sto Werkstatt, said: “Photographers are conveyors of the architectural experience and photography has the unique ability to explore and represent architectural space and form, and even to express fundamental architectural ideas and concepts. It is our hope that through this exhibition, we will spark a wider debate on the use of imagery in the digital era as well as the importance of visual communication tools within the architecture and design industry.”


The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of talks and seminars, where the public will have the opportunity to explore further the medium of photography as well as talk with leading people in the field of architecture, photography and media.

Building Images is free and open to the public, and will run until February 28, 2015. Sto Werkstatt, 7-9 Woodbridge St, London EC1R 0EX, England,

Images courtesy of Arcaid Images and Sto Werkstatt

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January 15, 2015 | Design | View comments

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