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BSG Sales Gallery by Eowon Designs, Malaysia


Malaysia-based interior design practice Eowon Designs has designed the BSG Sales Gallery project. Completed in 2015, the BSG Sales Gallery is nestled along the hustle and bustle of street of Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, formerly known as Northam Road, Penang, Malaysia.

With many years of experience in the architecture and interior design industry the architecture team worked together with interior design team on this grand project


What was the biggest challenge during the project?

The biggest challenge of this project was to break through the stereotypical concept of conventional sales gallery design which we commonly find the entire areas combined into one whole integrated space which has that led to appealing crowded, lack of flow and less spacious. We spent a great amount of time brainstorming, creating out of the box ideas that developed into the concept.

Another challenge was the selection of materials, we were well acknowledged that the location of this project – right by the seaside, hence a couple of natural factors were in hand contributing to that, material selection were zoomed into anti rust, weather proof and durable  for high rainfall. And the greatest challenge of all was that it was a fast track project – which we clearly did not have the luxury of time to waste, four months were all that we had been given to complete the entire interior design project.


How would you describe the overall design of the project?

To describe the overall design of the project, starts from the exterior facade,  the purpose of solid timber vertical fins installed at the entire front row, besides serving as a sun shading device, it was created greatly to a series of soft and playful shadows bringing into the interior space, exuding a sensual sensibility being on the inside space. The composition of the entire design separated sales gallery into two parts – one at the front another at the back, inserting landscaped courtyard in the center engaging an indoor and outdoor relationship . All the selected materials we used: solid timber, cementitious flooring, raw and oxidized steel,  and outdoor greenery landscape were meant to exude a tropical feel, also ought to complement each other flawlessly.


What stands out the most for you in the project?

What stands out most in the project would be the play of vertical fins, how to manage to bring it to play on the exterior, and interior – bringing the appearance exist on the inside by playing with shadows and a little theory of sunlight direction, casting on soft and sensual reflections on the inside. Overall, the priority was to be able to keep a well balance and master the flow of language.


What current design trends did you incorporate into the project?

Contemporary minimalist, current design trend that was being used to incorporate into the project, simplicity is the form, shape is sharp and clean adjoining light weight materials and weather proof materials for fast track project and its location. Engaging indoor and outdoor together, creating a relationship to  serve and promote a nature friendly purpose to keep a minimal, reduce waste and no harm built environment.

Images courtesy of Eowon Designs / Tan Weng Jin

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