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Beautiful Elegant and Contemporary Residence by Gary Gladwish Architecture

Gary Gladwish Architecture has designed the Eagle Ridge residence on Orcas Island in Washington State. Designed and executed with elegant simplicity, this building achieves luxurious, comfortable and contemporary living without superfluous adornments or excessive architecture; a modern take on architecture within itself.

A beautiful, cabin-like wooden material makes up the exterior, with a bright, appealing orange taking the centrefold of attention. Set amongst gorgeous wildlife – which becomes a lynchpin of the house, both inside and outside – the home becomes almost a haven, with a stunning rock-pool being a beautiful addition. This earthy, atmospheric feel fits in superbly with the Orcas Island scenery, and enhances the simplistic, chic touch of the house.

The elegantly designed, comfortable and contemporary interior is strikingly beautiful. Sleek, black furnishings are a staple of this understated home, while this is juxtaposed with the bright colours of the walls and floors. All this is set amongst the glorious backdrop of the natural scenery which is offered through views in the main living spaces. Vast eating areas are also offered, and leave the client in no doubt that this home is amongst the highest echelon of excellent living. The stone-like walls in the bathroom provide a unique, contemporary feel to the home, and further the refined palette of materials that the architect has had to choose from.

The aforementioned lynchpin of the house – the beautiful wildlife – is also seen within the house as a gorgeous tree is planted within the rooms. This modern aspect provides a unique and attractive feel to this home.

This exquisitely tasteful house is perhaps the perfect piece of architecture. Simple, yet refined; luxurious, yet efficient; elegant, yet comfortable.

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November 3, 2011 | Property | View comments

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