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Beautiful Efficient Home in Russia by Active House Project

Active House is a project to demonstrate that it is possible to build an energy-efficient house in Russia. The design is based on the principle of reaching a balance between energy saving, healthy indoor climate and care for the environment and produces results such as a striking exterior, comfortable interior and luxury living.

The exterior is the first energy-efficient take on luxurious living. Set on a vast, beautiful green garden area and surrounded by wildlife, Polygon Lab have provided a stunning shell for the house, integrating efficiency, aesthetics and comfort into one refined, excellent piece of architecture. The use of an unseen metal case provides structure and strength to the houses exterior, but covering this metal casing with a gorgeous, orangey-brown wood material is a masterstroke and allows the house to become a contemporary masterpiece. A heavy use of windows also provides natural light, defeating the need for lights inside the house and allowing extra efficiency.

A vastly spacious interior continues the contemporary, luxurious feel. A predominant use of white provides calm, relaxing space and the wooden floor is inkeeping with the exteriors proviso. There is plenty of area for storing things as well, with a large shelf in the main living area. The most beautiful part of the interior, however, is perhaps the modern, hanging chair in one of the living spaces, ensuring that the client is left in no doubt of the houses excellence and uniqueness.

This attractive, spacious, comfortable and luxurious house shows that to ascertain efficient housing, nothing needs to be compromised in terms of contemporary, lavish living.


Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

October 31, 2011 | Property | View comments

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