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Beautiful Cultured Home by Studio Guilherme Torres

Guilherme Torres; prolific producers of excellent, modern architecture, are a Sao Paulo- based studio and have completed the BL House project, following in the long line of the studio’s top-of-the-range pieces.

This contemporary home stretches over 5,220 square feet, providing countless options for the client, whether they desire comfort, relaxation and privacy, or leisure, fun and sociability. Located in Parana, Brazil, the BL House is a striking, elegant, refined and luxurious home, encapsulating the vivid sophistication of the Brazilian atmosphere. With beautiful wildlife and large boulders surrounding the home, Guilherme Torres has enhanced a paradisiacal feeling. The deluxe garage merely adds to this, and the refined palette of materials chosen really captures the essence of Brazilian life.

Complementing the luxurious traditional mode and choice of colours from the exterior, the interior undertakes a classy, cultured colour scheme. A combination of white, grey and black colours create an exciting, effective and simple interior which welcomes any guest or client immediately, while the comfortable, modern furnishings really are a delight. Modern art adorns the walls too, adding a stylish, chic and contemporary edge.

Both the bedrooms and kitchen follow this traditional brief, juxtaposed with the modern, contemporary aspects to create a wonderful, attractive piece of architecture.

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November 29, 2011 | Property | View comments

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