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10 reasons to choose a safari for your summer holiday


A trip into the wilderness can be life changing. So this month at Adelto we are celebrating safari holidays, and with a little help from our friends we have come up with a shortlist of top safaris and safari destinations to inspire your summer holidays.

With the assistance of travel specialists Discover Africa, we’ve put together the best reasons to make a safari your next holiday.



It may be an obvious reason to go on safari but it’s also an extremely good one. The “Big Five” to spot include the elephant, lion and rhino but there are other animals worth watching, from giraffes and zebras to lesser-known ones like the waterbuck and the hartebeest. Seeing these animals in their natural environment will be something to remember.

Choice of destination

Africa is a big place and there are many different safari destinations to choose from. More than 20 countries could potentially offer what’s best for you, with popular destinations including Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Each brings with it a unique experience and can cater in different ways to what you’re after.


Choice of safari

The traditional view of a safari is a trip out in a 4×4 with a guide and a pair of binoculars. That type of trip is still very much a mainstay of safaris but there’s an awful lot more on offer. Travelling in a hot-air balloon, on horseback, on foot, a self-drive excursion or with a group of fellow tourists are just some of the available options.


It’s not all about animals and there are a number of cultural highlights on offer in safari destinations. Many travellers become interested in local cultures and those who live in safari areas – often these people come from remarkable tribal communities far removed from our way of life and are fascinating to spend time with.



A safari offers a great opportunity to learn about your surroundings with the aid of more than just a guidebook. As well as learning about local communities and cultures, your guide will be an expert in providing you with the background to your trip, be it about animals, weather or migration patterns.


Memories are a must and good quality photographs are a vital part of them. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture wildlife on camera in a spectacular setting. Invest in a good quality camera if you can and listen to the advice of your guide about the best photo opportunities.



Safaris aren’t all about dusty journeys and camping out – although those options are of course available. Luxury lodges can provide a more than comfortable base with superb food, a pool and en-suite bathrooms; so much so that some give five-star hotels a run for their money – a luxury safari will leave you memories for a lifetime.


Sustainable safaris are becoming increasingly popular and offer the chance experience everything from solar-powered lodges to giving back to local communities by taking part in initiatives at local schools and orphanages. Volunteering and conversation work is also available and usually involves spending time with field conservationists and gain an insight into their work.


Something different

Relaxing on a beach or by a pool is understandably high on the list of many people’s needs when going on holiday. But a safari is a chance to experience a lot more. You can be active on a walking safari, truly experience the great outdoors and – if you absolutely have to be on a beach at some point, you can combine a safari with a stay at a resort on the Indian Ocean.

Expert advice

Safaris need planning and it’s important not to overlook the need to consider what will work for you. As mentioned above, there are different destinations, experiences and activities to choose from and while the internet can offer some advice, it’s worth talking to experts to discover the best option for your break.

Andre is co-founder of Discover Africa, a bespoke operator which helps travellers to discover Africa’s most incredible safaris.  Andre has explored the continent in almost every way imaginable and his dedicated team are experts in the African travel industry, ensuring their customers enjoy Africa at its best.

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Image courtesy of Dana Allen and Asilia Africa

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