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Simple and minimalistic style at Haus Bavaria, Germany


Rome-based architectural practice, Carlo Berarducci Architecture, have designed the Haus Bavaria project. The simple and minimalistic property is a private home and can be found in the historic town of Regensburg, Germany.

According to the architects: “The project foresees the demolition of a building which is part of a continuous ‘quint’ and its reconstruction with new construction criteria and energy standards. The new building is a private home with swimming pool and a sport training area on the top floor.

“Answering to requirements of the City to maintain an effect of seriality in the façade openings the project has a very neutral and naked facade but with windows dimension as wider as possible.

“Ultra-light crystal railings without handrail, together with invisible windows frame hidden behind the wall, and mirrored glass reflecting the buildings on the other side of the road, add an effect abstraction and dematerialisation.

“Everything protruding or receding from the facade plane is shiny and reflective, with the thickness of the wall around the windows in white gloss aluminum and the thickness of the jutting out slab of the terraces coated with mirrors reflecting the trees of the park, with a confusing effect.

“So that the building sits between the adjacent buildings without altering or contradicting the continuity of the ‘quint’ as the City Council required, but at the same time it reveals its contemporary.

“The interior design has been organised in three parallel zones with the first zone on the left like a service tower containing all the wet areas of the house and a swimming-pool on the top level. The central zone is void containing an open stairway and a glass elevator. And the third zone contains all the living spaces, without any structure between the two facades.”

Images courtesy of Herbert Stolz


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Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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