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Extraordinary NASZ exhibition seen at WantedDesign


Under the organisation, the curatorial design team of Tomek and Gosia Rygalik of Studio Rygalik created a thoughtful exhibit that celebrated Polish art and culture at this year’s WantedDesign in New York.

NASZ, which means “ours” in Polish, included the work of interior designers, product designers, graphic designers, typographers and illustrators. Each piece was either created or re-designed to work as part of the whole – creating a showcase of simplicity and beauty from the logo and special font to the accessories and furnishings on display.


Gosia Rygalik and Tomek Rygalik said: “Many everyday objects use remain unappreciated, as they are modest, common, and omnipresent. Indeed, their beauty lies in their coherence, authenticity, and simplicity, and their main goal is to stand the test of time. To create such objects is the greatest challenge for a designer. This collection is the result of searching for items that fulfill these needs, without being excessive or bizarre. It features new versions of successful products alongside  pieces of potential, yet to be discovered.

“NASZ is an outcome of a research and development project that has worked as a catalyst of the creativity based on the resourcefulness in design. Characteristic of times of austerity, the resourcefulness, when confronted with the possibilities of contemporary design and advanced and innovative industry, becomes an exceptional design strategy with an invaluable capacity.

“NASZ is an exclusive collection of contemporary design that consists of items designed and manufactured in Poland. It is coherent, yet multifaceted and acts on different levels. It has been co-created by acclaimed product designers, graphic designers, illustrators, typographers, and multimedia artists as well as design students, manufacturers, and craftsmen.


“NASZ is an umbrella for creative activities. All presented designs are unique and dedicated to the collection. Some of them are modifications of already existing successful products, while others were commissioned especially for this occasion.

“Graphic design works that have been conceived for the NASZ collection contain vivid references to the best Polish visual traditions. The way they are presented seamlessly blends the borders between graphics and products.


“We like when the daily objects play the role of discreet, supporting characters, therefore the use of natural materials and finishes and balanced, neutral colours. The collection is visually and ideologically coherent – NASZ design is genuine, resourceful and timeless.”


Images courtesy of Ernest Winczyk


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Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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