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Hip and stylish duplex in Brooklyn, New York


New York-based architects and interior designers have designed the Carved Duplex project. The hip and stylish duplex can be found in Brooklyn, New York, US. According to the designers: “Carved Duplex is a rooftop addition to a brick townhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The one bedroom apartment takes over the 3rd floor and expands upward via a COR-TEN box. The project explores the phenomenological qualities of living in close proximity to large monoliths in various material forms. The project slowly unfolds from a black bedroom on the lower level to white living room on the upper level. The project includes twin-cut fireplaces, large wedge core, stainless steel kitchen, long stainless steel tub, roof deck and grey wooden floors.”


The kitchen is a minimalist design that eliminates the concept of overhead cabinets and echoes the massing of the Monolith Table. Kitchen storage occurs in the stainless steel floating island and in the wood clad cube, which houses the refrigerator, pantry, and third floor bath, which Adelto loves.

The interior design is hip, stylish and minimalist.

Images courtesy of Michael Vahrenwald


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Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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